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The Author

Antonio Jerome Erskine was born and still lives in Jamaica. Growing up in the small community of Salt Spring, St. James with his grandmother; a community known across Jamaica for crime and violence, Antonio was able to break free from the stereotypical view of young men from his community. Today he is the youngest ordained Bishop in the  church that he serves – The House of God , headquartered in Lexington Kentucky. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Management studies and is currently pursuing  his MBA.

Growing up in Salt Spring, Antonio encountered many experiences that, today, influences his perspectives and writings.  His love for poetry and things creative is evidenced in his first book-The Illusions of Life. He began writing poems from as far back as 1998, in fact his first poem was dedicated to his then girlfriend and now wife; Shereen.  While in college; he and his roommate would spend evenings writing poems and critiquing them. He also enjoys writing gospel songs.

Antonio is married and has two children; Khalecia and Kishaun. He is a mentor and motivational speaker; he was the guest speaker at the William Knibb High School Graduation and the Cornwall College High School welcoming service for new Students. Antonio has graced other platforms within Jamaica and the USA sharing his gift and talent.

A lover of Sports, he represented his high school playing cricket and also played for the St, James Parish Team. He still plays football on a weekly basis and participates in 5k runs as often as time permits.

He continues to give back to his community through volunteering and charity work. He was instrumental in raising funds for the construction of a library at the Salt spring Primary school and currently coaches their under- 13 football team.

A former Client Care Manager at the RBC Bank Jamaica Ltd, Antonio is currently the Branch Manager at the western offices of the Overseas Examinations Commission.

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In December of 2017, I was staying with some friends in West Palm Beach, Florida. One night in particular we decided to have a poetry night. The game was to select a word and each person would write a poem using that word as the theme. Everyone was impressed with my poems, and so I continued to write on my return to Jamaica. I then wrote a poem titled Illusion and it was then that the title of the book came to me.

The pieces in the book capture the experiences of life. Some pieces speak to current socio-economic and issues of race that are consistently at play in our society. The book seeks to give a different perspective and voice to these issues as we journey through life.  The topic of love is also captured and along with all the other topics, we see that based on our perspectives, things are drastically different, thus life is in many ways an illusion.

The book contains forty one poems aimed at motivating, inspiring and challenging the reader to look beyond the surface of words and various subjects. The reader is challenged to identify the deeper meaning and significance of the subjects at the core of each piece of poetry. In an attempt to avoid  abstract language and topics; The Illusions of Life It is filled with simple  language and written in a form that all of us can understand and relate to. It is my hope that after reading each poem, the imagery will be clearly painted in the reader’s mind.

Truth of emotions

Available to order now

The Truth of Emotions captures a journey filled with various experiences that gives rise to a euphoria of emotions. From hatred to love, pain to joy, captivity to freedom, the reader is taken on a journey never to be forgotten. Known for his ease of language, the author once again stays away from being too abstract so as to capture the raw emotions that we all experience in life. Filled with pieces such as I Hate you Death, Emotions of a Man, and Freedom, you will be captured by this book.