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I have a passion – I love to play with words and so I write poems and nonfiction books. In 2018, I wrote over fifty poems and my friends encouraged me to get them published.

I knew that I would not be published locally as I was not known, I had never performed a poem before and so no publishing house would take on a poet like myself. I also did not want to take on the expenses of self-publishing.

I decided to search the internet and I found a publishing house in London, I sent them my manuscript and well, “the rest is history.” They loved my work and today I have two published books available worldwide. My publisher tried to get my books on the shelves of book stores in Jamaica and they would not accept them. Today, my books are in stores and libraries in London. You can find them on all major online selling platforms – Amazon, Barnes and Noble, eBay, Walmart, Google Books and others.

You see, the truth is this; we are no longer limited by geographical borders and the refusal of a few to give us a platform for expressing our gifts and talents, we cannot limit ourselves and we must not allow others to limit us. THE WORLD IS YOUR STAGE – PERFORM.

Does the name Koffee sound familiar? She is a young lady who stood locally but performed globally and today she is known worldwide in places she has never visited and by persons she has never seen. Koffee did a song honoring Usain Bolt and posted it on social media, today she is a Grammy Award winner.

Aaah the power of social media and technology!

The world has evolved; the world is evolving. Advances in technology have transformed the world into a single place. Think about it! How many friends do you have on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tik Tok, who you have never met?

Do you remember when we had to write letters and wait for weeks to get a response from friends and family? This is no longer the case; texting, FaceTime, video calling and other technologies have kept persons close, even when far away.

We no longer have excuses for not becoming our best, for not achieving our dreams. THE WORLD IS YOUR STAGE – PERFORM! The only limitations we have are the ones we place on ourselves and when we allow others to imprison us with the chains of their retarded expectations and limitations.


The time has come to break free from self-imposed restrictions and the burdens of people’s limited views of our abilities. Know that it is a reflection of their insecurities and not your capabilities.

It was Mark Twain who said,

KEEP away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you too can become great”


The world is your stage so go and shock the world and every soul that doubted you, everyone who told you that you should not, you cannot and that you will not. Everyone who reminded you of limitations and restrictions but never your potential, show them that you are not limited by THEIR limitations.

What is it that you want the world to know about you and what impact do you want to have on this world? Do me a favour take out your smartphone, do a Google search of your name. What did you see? Are you creating impact, are you fulfilling your dreams?

From the steps of my home in Cornwall Courts, I stepped onto the world’s stage and gave a small performance. I intend to return again and again and again.


So today, if you are a Banker, Teacher, Social Worker, Nurse, Pastor, Plumber, Mechanic, Writer, whatever you do. The time is now to step unto your stage and perform. Dream and dream big.

You, and I, we are no longer limited by time, place or people.

Do not be afraid of “the faces in the audience,” do not tremble because of doubt in your abilities. You can do it.

Martin Luther King Jr. Said it well:

“If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.”

We all have greatness in us; the world is your stage – Perform!

The Truth of Emotions

It is finished! My second book; The Truth of Emotions is now ready for release in May. I am once again very excited about this book; it is the second of what I hope will be three books of poetry with a difference. The Truth of Emotions captures the raw emotions that so many of us experience throughout life and place them at the forefront of our minds. It will be difficult for anyone to escape the highs and lows that this book will bring, get ready for an emotional journey.

It contains so many pieces that will grab your attention; the emotions of a man, I hate you death and freedom are just a few pieces that will pull you in. The book contains some of my own emotions, the piece entitled Grandma is one such poem. After completing the pieces for the book, I found that there was a slight tendency to the darker side of emotions; the strange thing is; this was not a deliberate strategy.

I am looking forward to the responses to this book and hope that it will be enjoyed just as much as I enjoyed writing it. So, as another chapter closes and a new one begins, I look forward to the future with great anticipation, I am excited about the unknown, knowing that it is filled with endless possibilities. I am currently working on two projects; let us see what the end will be.

Unexpected Impact!

Recently, on February 11, 2019 a local newspaper here in Jamaica published a front page article about me and the book I wrote – The Illusions of life. I did an interview with them and was expecting a small article somewhere in the publication, but not “in a million years” did I expect a front page article. The piece they wrote was called The Salt Spring Poet, and captured my personal journey growing up in the community of Salt Spring and how I was able to reach the stage of writing a book and not being caught in the crime normally associated with the community.

The reaction and kind words I received from so many persons as a result of the article humbled me, I had no idea that I would inspire and make so many persons experience a feeling of pride.  I got calls from so many people, congratulating me, telling me well done, saying how proud they are and that I should keep it up and how they have been inspired. One person who has been my friend since I was ten years old, called and said he was proud and that the entire community of Salt Spring was happy.

You see folks, the things we often apply little significance to, the talents we have and often take for granted can be the source of inspiration to so many.

I started this journey of writing to fulfill an ambition to be a writer, and it has taken on a new perspective; I must be a source of inspiration to those who need it.

The second book – The Truth of Emotions is ready, with just a few adjustments to be made, and I have started working on a third book.

The third book isn’t poetry; it’s titled Six Steps to Redemption – From Brokenness To Healing. It is about a method I use in my capacity as a Minister of Religion to help couples who have experienced or are in a broken relationship. I am about seventy pages in. The book is not for Christians, it’s for everyone who wants to help their relationship.

The truth is, I don’t have a publisher for this book as yet, but I am hopeful that it will get published this year and that someone, a relationship, a family  will be inspired by it, that a relationship, individuals will receive the healing needed in their lives.

My friends, I firmly believe that our gifts, our talents are not given to us for selfish gain, but rather, it is for us to use them to elevate and lift mankind, so they may experience a full and happy life.

Hard Work is the Bridge to Greatness

In our desire to be great, we must remember to firstly be good.

The euphoria of completing my first book has now passed; it has been replaced by a desire to work hard at producing something extremely successful. I have enjoyed the work of putting the book out there and interacting with the readers. I recently had a successful book signing in West Palm Beach, Florida, where the support was very good. I am looking forward to more events such as these; where I can interact with my readers, the hard work continues. I will be hosting another book signing and reading event on February 12th, 2019 here in Jamaica, and I am so excited to be sharing with my local readers for the first time. I am happy with the progress that The Illusions of Life is making and the hard work continues to take it as far as it can go.


There is a burning desire to improve in every area of my writing; something I believe has been accomplished in many ways with the completion of my second book-The Truth of Emotions. There is so much I want to share with you about this second book, but I will wait until we get closer to the release date. I am so excited about that project.


The evolution towards greatness however continues and I am enjoying the journey. Facilitating the creative process is a deliberate activity that takes dedication and a consistency of effort; all requirements for becoming great, not only from a writers perspective but also in life. Greatness is rarely achieved in a singular effort. It is a road that the majority will not walk and is filled many moments of failure; I will not be demoralized by these occurrences, but will gladly rise from each fall to continue the journey. I guess it’s just life; whenever we fall, we must rise from the failures and continue the walk toward greatness. For some it is a shorter walk than for others, but however long our walk toward greatness takes; we must keep on walking.


Inspiration comes from different sources and in different forms; I like to think that I am inspired to write and that others receive some form of inspiration from my writings.

My book is now fully on the market and I am starting to get some reviews and feedback about it. The thing that is so beautiful for me is that so many of the readers get it. When I write a poem, it is done with a particular imagery in mind, there is a picture that I want to paint in the mind of the reader, and when a reader sees the picture; well, the feeling is indescribable. This is a rare thing though, because poetry is really open to the reader’s interpretations and means so many things to different persons. I have gotten a few reviews that surprized me, as I did not see that perspective they were giving of the poems, that was also nice.

I have said in the past, that poetry is therapy, and I was able to see it play out with a reader of the book. She got a copy of the book, and the next day she came back to me about a poem she read, to tell me that she never knew that someone felt what she had been experiencing and she said thank you for saying it in a way that I couldn’t. It is in these little rewarding interactions with my readers that I find great joy. I am forever humbled for being blessed with the privilege of sharing with and impacting others.

I do not force writing as I believe that it must come from a true place and so in those moments that I am not writing, I wait on the inspiration to flow naturally. I am currently writing for my second book and I am happy with the progress so far, the inspiration has been flowing with effortless ease, and for that I am glad.

If you have read the book, go write a review on Amazon and, it would mean a lot to me.

To all those who support and follow me in whatever form, I thank you and I wish for you all the best for the coming year. I am really looking forward to the unknown with great anticipation. Let us remain inspired in life, our difficulties may cause our light to dim, but they must never cause it to go out. We do not know the souls who need our light to find their pathways.

Let us keep the inspiration going.

Pursuing My Dream

The book has finally been released and the excitement of that aspect of the journey has passed. I enjoyed every bit of the experience and learnt so much about the process of publishing and myself also. It takes committed consistency to be successful at most things, and writing a book and publishing it is no different.  I am also really grateful for the team from Tamarind Hill Press; they have kept me informed and are working hard to ensure the optimal success.

I have been doing a lot of writing in between also, I am currently working on a second book of poems and I am almost done. There is another book that I have been writing, which is not poetry, but I’m really excited about that project also. The emotions I experienced from getting my first book published have driven me to pursue the dream of writing a bestseller, and so, I am here writing away. I have learnt that dreams do come through, and while for some of us it takes longer, we must never give up pursuit of the very things that drive us, the very things that pulls us towards becoming our best.

It is a strange perspective to have at times, but none the less true; the very thing that we pursue, the thing that we do not possess, is the reason behind our drive to succeed. I am grateful to all those who have joined my mailing list and have started following me @ajepoetry on Instagram.

If you have not yet gotten your copy of the book, please do so and encourage someone to get one also. If you have bought a copy, I would love to hear what you think, so let me know through anyone of my social media platforms.

We have all been given the world as a stage to perform, now, don’t be shy, go out there and give the best performance you can. Learn daily from your successes and your failures while pursuing, as I said earlier; the best version of yourself.


The excitement is real, I can’t believe that it is really happening and I’m finally going to publish a book. It was early in the morning, a day in September 2018, while sitting at my desk, I took up Consciously 21; a book written by Saun-Jaye Brown and was reading one of her poems. I remembered when she came to my office about a year earlier and shared with me her journey to becoming a published author.

I have always thought about publishing my work, but never made the attempt in any serious way. I had previously looked at self-publishing but that did not work out.  So, on this particular morning when reading the poem, the thought came to me to search for Tamarind Hill Press – the publishers of Saun-Jaye’s book. I did an online search and found their website, submitted my manuscript and forgot about it.

On October 9, 2018, I received an email from Tamarind Hill Press saying that they are reviewing my work and the truth is I did a little dance in the office, this of course after locking the door. The rest is history they say. The Illusions of Life will be published on November 14, 2018.

What started out as a hobby and in many ways it still is, has given birth to the accomplishment of a small dream. I started writing this anthology of forty one poems in December 2017 and it culminates in this beautiful book. I love writing poems, it is not difficult for me and in many ways poetry saved me. These poems are an escape from realities and in some cases an expression of them. I have discovered that there is a priceless therapy in the writing and reading of poetry.

I hope that you will get the chance to read this book and that you will find some amount of entertainment, inspiration and motivation in the words. Go get your copy as soon as it becomes available.