Hard Work is the Bridge to Greatness

In our desire to be great, we must remember to firstly be good.

The euphoria of completing my first book has now passed; it has been replaced by a desire to work hard at producing something extremely successful. I have enjoyed the work of putting the book out there and interacting with the readers. I recently had a successful book signing in West Palm Beach, Florida, where the support was very good. I am looking forward to more events such as these; where I can interact with my readers, the hard work continues. I will be hosting another book signing and reading event on February 12th, 2019 here in Jamaica, and I am so excited to be sharing with my local readers for the first time. I am happy with the progress that The Illusions of Life is making and the hard work continues to take it as far as it can go.


There is a burning desire to improve in every area of my writing; something I believe has been accomplished in many ways with the completion of my second book-The Truth of Emotions. There is so much I want to share with you about this second book, but I will wait until we get closer to the release date. I am so excited about that project.


The evolution towards greatness however continues and I am enjoying the journey. Facilitating the creative process is a deliberate activity that takes dedication and a consistency of effort; all requirements for becoming great, not only from a writers perspective but also in life. Greatness is rarely achieved in a singular effort. It is a road that the majority will not walk and is filled many moments of failure; I will not be demoralized by these occurrences, but will gladly rise from each fall to continue the journey. I guess it’s just life; whenever we fall, we must rise from the failures and continue the walk toward greatness. For some it is a shorter walk than for others, but however long our walk toward greatness takes; we must keep on walking.


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