Inspiration comes from different sources and in different forms; I like to think that I am inspired to write and that others receive some form of inspiration from my writings.

My book is now fully on the market and I am starting to get some reviews and feedback about it. The thing that is so beautiful for me is that so many of the readers get it. When I write a poem, it is done with a particular imagery in mind, there is a picture that I want to paint in the mind of the reader, and when a reader sees the picture; well, the feeling is indescribable. This is a rare thing though, because poetry is really open to the reader’s interpretations and means so many things to different persons. I have gotten a few reviews that surprized me, as I did not see that perspective they were giving of the poems, that was also nice.

I have said in the past, that poetry is therapy, and I was able to see it play out with a reader of the book. She got a copy of the book, and the next day she came back to me about a poem she read, to tell me that she never knew that someone felt what she had been experiencing and she said thank you for saying it in a way that I couldn’t. It is in these little rewarding interactions with my readers that I find great joy. I am forever humbled for being blessed with the privilege of sharing with and impacting others.

I do not force writing as I believe that it must come from a true place and so in those moments that I am not writing, I wait on the inspiration to flow naturally. I am currently writing for my second book and I am happy with the progress so far, the inspiration has been flowing with effortless ease, and for that I am glad.

If you have read the book, go write a review on Amazon and, it would mean a lot to me.

To all those who support and follow me in whatever form, I thank you and I wish for you all the best for the coming year. I am really looking forward to the unknown with great anticipation. Let us remain inspired in life, our difficulties may cause our light to dim, but they must never cause it to go out. We do not know the souls who need our light to find their pathways.

Let us keep the inspiration going.


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  1. Taylor says:

    I love reading your blog posts. I am reading your book which is an inspiration. You have a gift and I hope you will continue writing and sharing. Thank you. Keep us the good work.

    • Ajepoetry says:

      Hi Taylor,
      Thank you for sharing in and supporting my art. Ensure that you also make the best of your inspirations, whatever they are, follow your dreams.

  2. Julie says:

    Do you perform your poetry locally like in poetry slams or anything like that?

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