Pursuing My Dream

The book has finally been released and the excitement of that aspect of the journey has passed. I enjoyed every bit of the experience and learnt so much about the process of publishing and myself also. It takes committed consistency to be successful at most things, and writing a book and publishing it is no different.  I am also really grateful for the team from Tamarind Hill Press; they have kept me informed and are working hard to ensure the optimal success.

I have been doing a lot of writing in between also, I am currently working on a second book of poems and I am almost done. There is another book that I have been writing, which is not poetry, but I’m really excited about that project also. The emotions I experienced from getting my first book published have driven me to pursue the dream of writing a bestseller, and so, I am here writing away. I have learnt that dreams do come through, and while for some of us it takes longer, we must never give up pursuit of the very things that drive us, the very things that pulls us towards becoming our best.

It is a strange perspective to have at times, but none the less true; the very thing that we pursue, the thing that we do not possess, is the reason behind our drive to succeed. I am grateful to all those who have joined my mailing list and have started following me @ajepoetry on Instagram.

If you have not yet gotten your copy of the book, please do so and encourage someone to get one also. If you have bought a copy, I would love to hear what you think, so let me know through anyone of my social media platforms.

We have all been given the world as a stage to perform, now, don’t be shy, go out there and give the best performance you can. Learn daily from your successes and your failures while pursuing, as I said earlier; the best version of yourself.


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