The Truth of Emotions

It is finished! My second book; The Truth of Emotions is now ready for release in May. I am once again very excited about this book; it is the second of what I hope will be three books of poetry with a difference. The Truth of Emotions captures the raw emotions that so many of us experience throughout life and place them at the forefront of our minds. It will be difficult for anyone to escape the highs and lows that this book will bring, get ready for an emotional journey.

It contains so many pieces that will grab your attention; the emotions of a man, I hate you death and freedom are just a few pieces that will pull you in. The book contains some of my own emotions, the piece entitled Grandma is one such poem. After completing the pieces for the book, I found that there was a slight tendency to the darker side of emotions; the strange thing is; this was not a deliberate strategy.

I am looking forward to the responses to this book and hope that it will be enjoyed just as much as I enjoyed writing it. So, as another chapter closes and a new one begins, I look forward to the future with great anticipation, I am excited about the unknown, knowing that it is filled with endless possibilities. I am currently working on two projects; let us see what the end will be.


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