Unexpected Impact!

Recently, on February 11, 2019 a local newspaper here in Jamaica published a front page article about me and the book I wrote – The Illusions of life. I did an interview with them and was expecting a small article somewhere in the publication, but not “in a million years” did I expect a front page article. The piece they wrote was called The Salt Spring Poet, and captured my personal journey growing up in the community of Salt Spring and how I was able to reach the stage of writing a book and not being caught in the crime normally associated with the community.

The reaction and kind words I received from so many persons as a result of the article humbled me, I had no idea that I would inspire and make so many persons experience a feeling of pride.  I got calls from so many people, congratulating me, telling me well done, saying how proud they are and that I should keep it up and how they have been inspired. One person who has been my friend since I was ten years old, called and said he was proud and that the entire community of Salt Spring was happy.

You see folks, the things we often apply little significance to, the talents we have and often take for granted can be the source of inspiration to so many.

I started this journey of writing to fulfill an ambition to be a writer, and it has taken on a new perspective; I must be a source of inspiration to those who need it.

The second book – The Truth of Emotions is ready, with just a few adjustments to be made, and I have started working on a third book.

The third book isn’t poetry; it’s titled Six Steps to Redemption – From Brokenness To Healing. It is about a method I use in my capacity as a Minister of Religion to help couples who have experienced or are in a broken relationship. I am about seventy pages in. The book is not for Christians, it’s for everyone who wants to help their relationship.

The truth is, I don’t have a publisher for this book as yet, but I am hopeful that it will get published this year and that someone, a relationship, a family  will be inspired by it, that a relationship, individuals will receive the healing needed in their lives.

My friends, I firmly believe that our gifts, our talents are not given to us for selfish gain, but rather, it is for us to use them to elevate and lift mankind, so they may experience a full and happy life.


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